Economy on the rise..



Despite all terrorism/politics/protests/sit-ins/corruption/hindrances from politically motivated oppositions, hindrances from establishment division Pakistan heading towards economic stability and all credit goes to The Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif. Recently Pakistan becomes the fastest growing Muslim economy, Moody’s, Fitch & Standard and Poor’s (S&P) ratings agency has raised Pakistan’s credit rating to positive from stable.

Some Important Economic Indicators:

  • Pakistan Stock Market
  • Pakistan GDP
  • Pakistan GDP growth rate/Annual growth rate
  • Pakistan GDP per capita
  • Pakistan GDP per capita (PPP)
  • Pakistan Inflation Rate
  • Pakistan Food Inflation
  • Pakistan Interest Rate
  • Pakistan Exports
  • Pakistan Remittances
  • Pakistan Foreign Exchange Reserves

instead of just talking let’s compare some of the figures from past with todays and decide.

  • Pakistan Stock Market (KSE100):

Stock Exchange have multiple roles in the economy, such as:

  • Raising capital for businesses;
  • Facilitating company growth;
  • Redistribution of wealth;
  • Corporate governance;
  • Investment opportunities for small investors;
  • Government capital raising for development projects;
  • Tax…

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