Rohingya Muslim killing and social media

First I want to clear that the massive extremism on Burmese Muslims is strongly condemned and the the silence of media, humane rights organizations is more shameful.

Social media is very active in the situation. Facebook users continually condemn and and express their anger about the heart shocking situation of Rohingya Muslims. And thus I’m thankful to them all to raise voice against the “Burmese government”.

But these days many pictures are being circulated on Facebook regarding Muslims killings in Burma, which is a total hoax and being used by Islamic Extremists in Pakistan to provoke anger and violence in public, here are some of the pictures around the world which are being spread on the name of Muslims Killings

Earth quake in China

Tibatian burn himself on the visit of Chinese President in India


Thai people conflict with police

Purpose of the post:
The purpose of the this post is just to clarify and tell you how social media ignite hatred and prejudice in our youth.

Social media and networking sites, if used properly, can be an impressive tool in spreading awareness amongst its users, but it can be an equally dangerous media as well, if misused.



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